Version 2.7 now in store!

Apple have just confirmed to me that the latest version of both Golden Hour and Golden Lite are now in store.

This was primarily a bug fix release for iPhone4 not saving your location across application launches but as I never like to do just a bug fix release, you’ll see there is a new feature that displays the length of the day so you can watch the days get longer and shorter more easily as we move through the year.

I note from a review in store that one user has been experiencing a crash with version 2.6. As you may know, we have no way of contacting users who report issues through the itunes store and would ask that you report any issues directly to our development team so that a) we can investigate for you and b) we can advise of any solutions. According to the only Apple statistics we do get access to, there have been no crash reports uploaded to Apple and so this particular issue is puzzling to us.

One hint we can give, is that in the unlikely event that you are experiencing a crash on launch, please visit the settings app on your device and select Golden Hour. Then turn the reset database and reset bookmarks to “on” (warning, this will delete any of your own bookmarks). Now launch the application again (iPhone4 users, please ensure this is a cold start) and this should rectify any issues you were having. As I mentioned though, we are not aware of any crashing issues so if you do have to take this action, please do get in touch so that we can be sure to correct any issues for the next release.

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