Golden Hour gets “Lifehackered”

Apologies folks.

It seems that today has become so popular that my hosting provider has had to intervene and take the service offline. Seems odd in that it was handling more traffic when Canon kindly published it in their newsletter, but they have a hosting service to operate so I can understand their concerns.

I’m working on streamlining the script or as an alternative, migrating it to one of the other servers we have available.

It should be back very soon – check back to this page for regular updates.

UPDATE: The process of migrating the site to a server in Amazon’s computing cloud has begun. Should take a couple of hours, however as we need to make a DNS change as well, it is possible that the site may vanish for a while – but rest assured it will be back in a day or two!

20:39 BST

UPDATE: The new server is ready to rock and the script is MUCH faster thanks to some C optimisation of the XML libraries under the hood, plus some calendar cacheing that was probably what tipped the hosting company over the edge. I’m just waiting for the new DNS records to be in place before I switch name servers and begin the migration to the new system. So hold on … it will be back soon!

22:48 BST

UPDATE: The new optimised script is back on the shared server awaiting approval from the hosting company’s security team before going live. Everything could be back to normal very soon …

23:20 BST

And relax …

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