Bug fix release

It has just been reported to us that the auto-location is sending some people half way around the world, for which huge apologies – a bug fix release is hours away.

For historic reasons some parts of the the astronomy community measure East / West the opposite way around to ground based geographers. The Golden Hour application has to deal with this in several places, but unfortunately a gremlin stole a minus sign that should have appeared in one of the equations and this led to the problem some of you are seeing. It doesn’t affect UK users (and hence we didn’t spot it) so much as many of us are too close to the meridian to see the error, however our American cousins are transplanted around the world!

The new version will be released to Apple within the next few hours (we even work at weekends to fix problems like this) and you should receive an update notification within the next few days when Apple approve the application.

** Update: Fix released by Apple 2010-03-30 @ 22:34 🙂
** Update: Bug fix release uploaded to Apple 2010-03-27 @ 13:03

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